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Opportunity Catalog

Reap the benefits of having a full troop!
Open Your Troop in the Opportunity Catalog

Do you have currently have fewer than 12 girls in your troop? Open your troop and welcome new members today! The Opportunity Catalog lets girls and their families browse and join available troops in their area. It’s so easy! When a new girl joins your troop, we’ll let you know by email. Then all you have to do is contact her and invite her to your next meeting.

The Opportunity Catalog is a GREAT way for your girls to invite their friends to join your troop. Just send them this link and they can search your troop number. Again, we'll let you know when they sign up.

Adding your troop to the online Opportunity Catalog is the best way to have your girls benefit from a full troop. A full troop, by definition, is 12 or more girls. Staff and volunteers are here to support you and give you the tools you need to make your troop a super success. Remember, when you add new girls, you are adding more adult volunteers to support you!

The catalog will only show your troop number, general meeting area and time your troop meets. We will never share your private contact information on the catalog.

We wish you all the fun, laughter and leadership development of a full troop.

Learn more in our Opportunity Catalog FAQs.

I wish to:
Open my troop to new members on the Opportunity Catalog
Update my troop information – my troop is already open on the Opportunity Catalog

Troop Number
I wish to open my troop to girls in the following grade(s) (Check All That Apply)
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Troop Meeting Location
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Troop Meeting Day(s)
     Mon.   Tue.   Wed.   Thu.   Fri.   Sat.   Sun.
Meeting Frequency  Weekly   Bi-weekly   Monthly
Normal Meeting Time

Girls in Your Troop

Total # of Girls Currently in Troop (please check your troop roster in your Girl Scout account to determine current number)
Maximum # of Girls Your Troop Can Include/Your Troop Capacity
Need additional adult volunteers to accommodate new members? (See Safety Wise ratio for guidance)  Y
Any additional comments or information you'd like to share with us? *

* optional

If your troop has open spots for girls in the Opportunity Catalog, any girl can join your troop regardless of what school she attends or what time of year it is. If your troop meets at a private school and has restrictions on who can join your troop at that site, please let us know.

Please be aware that your troop will remain in the Opportunity Catalog until:
A. Your troop reaches the total desired number of girls you stated above, or
B. You decide to change the number of open spots for girls and/or volunteers displayed in the catalog by filling out this form again.