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2017 Destinations Application
2017-18 Options for Your Brownie Troop
2017-18 Options for Your Daisy Troop
2017-18 Options for Your Junior Troop
2017-18 Options for Your Multi-Level Troop
4 Her Commitment Flyer
4 Her Leader Sheet
A Troop Leader's Guide to New Permission Forms
A Troop Leader's Guide to Permission Forms
Ability Awareness and Inclusion Patch Program
Accident/Incident Report
Acknowledgement of Child Abuse Reporting Obligation
Activity Approval Form
Activity Insurance Enrollment Form Plan 2: Non-Member Participants
Activity Insurance Enrollment Form Plan 3P: Extended Events
Activity Insurance Enrollment Form Plan 3PI: International Trips and Events
Activity Planning Checklist
Adult Health History Record
Adult Insignia
Adult Membership Form
Adult Recognitions Council Award Overview
Adult Recognitions in Girl Scouting
Adult Recognitions Record for Service Units
Adventure Weekend Youth Program Leader Confirmation Packet
Adventure Weekends at Camp Whispering Oaks
Adventure Zone - Confirmation
Adventure Zone Challenge Course Permission and Health History
Alumnae Association Frequently Asked Questions
Ambassador Insignia
Annual Service Unit/Cluster Financial Report & Equipment Inventory
Appreciation Pin
Awards at a Glance
Awards of Distinction - Leader and Assistant Leader
Awards of Distinction - Service Unit Activity Consultant
Awards of Distinction - Service Unit Manager
Awards of Distinction - Service Unit Member with Special Assignment
Awards of Distinction - Service Unit Recognitions Chairperson
Awards of Distinction - Service Unit Registrar
Awards of Distinction - Service Unit Treasurer
Awards of Distinction - Troop Organizer
Backpackers Cookbook
Backpacking Nuts and Bolts
Blind Awareness Patch
Blue Book of Basic Documents
Bronze Award Guide - Adult
Brownie Insignia
Brownie Money Madness Patch
Cadette Insignia
Cadette/Senior Girl Scout Interest Project Awards
Camp Balboa Brownie Sleepover Confirmation and Information Packet
Camp Staff Manual
Camp Whispering Oaks Camping Confirmation Packet
Camp Winacka Camping Confirmation Packet
Certificates of Liability Insurance
Cesar Chavez Patch
Choosing a Troop Crest
Climbing and Adventure Sports - Master Progression Chart
Community Kaper
Community Partner Interest Form
Community Service Activities
Cookie Award
Cookie Bucks Reimbursement Request
Cookie Camp Reward FAQs
Cookie Cupboards
Cookie Inforgraphic
Cookie Program Rewards
Cookie Reward Event Girl Health History
Council Delegate Job Description
Council Delegate Nomination Form
Daisy Insignia
Daisy Money Madness Patch
Day Camp Volunteer Application
Day on the Mall Patch
Detailed Cash Record for Service Units/Clusters
Directing Girl Scout Events and Series
Discount Cookie Card
Dunk Bag Instructions
Emergency Card
Emergency Procedures Outline - City Properties
Emergency Procedures Outline - Mountain Properties
Encampment Activities Log
Encampment Budget Estimator
Encampment meal options - Balboa Campus
Encampment Planning Report
Encampment Team Chart
Encampment Team Roles
Event Approval Checklist
Event Budget Worksheet
Example Troop Financial Tracking Worksheet
Family Award
Family Cookie Guide.pdf
Family Information Sheet
Field Hockey Patch
Financial Empowerment
First Aid Kit
Flag Fun Patch
Four Hour Certificate
Friendship Award
Fun in the Surf for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors
Get Outside!
Get Up and Go Outside!
Girl Health History and Annual Permission
Girl Membership Form
Girl Scout "First Experiences R.A.N.T." (Revolt Against Negative Talk) program
Girl Scout Gold Award Project Final Report
Girl Scout Membership Staff Support
Girl Scout R.A.N.T. (Revolt Against Negative Talk) program
Girl Scout Silver Award Report
Girl Scout Voices Count FAQ
Girl Scouts San Diego Brag Sheet
Global Risk Management Situations
Go Electric! Patch
Governance Recommendation Input
GSSD Family Guide
Guide for Easy Annual Troop Renewal
He & Me Camping Adventure Confirmation Packet
Health History and Release
Health Record Log
High Ropes Challenge Course Confirmation Packet
Honor Pin
How to Become a Day Camp Volunteer
How to Wear Official Girl Scout Insignia
Indoor Flag Ceremony
Introduction to Safety Activity Checkpoints
Introduction to Safety Activity Checkpoints and Girl Scouts Safety Guidelines
Juliette Low World Friendship Patch
Junior Girl Scout Bronze Award Report
Junior Insignia
Junior Money Madness Patch
Lead Membership Recruiter Position Description
Leader’s Guide for Disbanding Your Troop/Group
Let's Go! A Resource Guide to Trip and Travel Planning
Membership Numeral Guards & Years of Service Recognitions
Membership Recruiter Position Description
Money Earning Application with Guidelines
Native American Patch for Brownies
Non-Council Owned Campsites
Old Town San Diego Patch
Operations Recommendaton Input
Opportunity Fund - Request for Financial Assistance for New Member Registration (Solicitud para ayuda financiera para inscripción nueva)
Opportunity Fund FAQs
Opportunity Fund Request and Guidelines (Solicitud para Ayuda Financiera)
Outdoor Flag Ceremony Card
Paddling and Rowing Sports - Master Progression Chart
Parent Meeting Packet
Parent/Leader Partnership for Troop
Parental Notification for Sensitive Issues
Presidents Award Application
Program Opportunities, Balboa-EPC Encampments
Program Opportunities, Winacka-Whispering Oaks Encampments
Program Patches
Program Resources Catalog
Property Resource Guide for Groups & Troops
Quake Safe Patch
Recommendation Form
Regional Position Summaries
Register for Girl Scouts online
Registration Form for Program Events - Individual Registration (do NOT use this form for Training registration)
Registration Form for Program Events - Troop/Group Registration (do NOT use this form for Training registration)
Risk Management
Safety Activity Checkpoints Matrix
Safety Management Plan for Overnight/Troop Camping
Sample Schedule for Encampment
Senior Insignia
Service Unit Activity Consultant (AC) Position Description
Service Unit Check Request
Service Unit Encampment Price Listing
Service Unit Financials - DCR & Annual Report
Service Unit Manager (SUM) Position Description
Service Unit Manager (SUM) Self-Paced Training Reference Forms
Service Unit Manager's Guide to Success
Service Unit Managers Self Paced Training
Service Unit Membership Organizer Position Description
Service Unit Recognitions Chair Position Description
Service Unit Recruitment Ideas
Service Unit Registrar (SUR) Position Description
Service Unit Sign-In Sheet
Service Unit Team Function and Composition
Service Unit Treasurer (SUT) Position Description
Service Unit Treasurer's Report
She & Me Camping Adventure Confirmation Packet
Silver Award Adult Volunteer Guide
Smart Start patch
Spirit Award
Surfing Patch
Target and Shooting Sports - Master Progression Chart
Ten tips for resolving conflict
Thanks Badge
Thanks Badge II
Thanks Coloring Page 1
Thanks Coloring Page 2
Thanks Coloring Page 3
The Art of Ballet Patch
Trained to Lead
Training By Request
Training Calendar
Training Class Registration
Training Events Refund Cancellation Transfer Guidelines
Training Registration Form
Transporting Girl Scouts-A Message to Volunteer Drivers
Triathlon Patch
Trip or Event Permission Form
Troop Annual Financial Report Quick Reference Guide
Troop Attendance and Dues Record (Asistencia de la Tropa y Registro de Cuotas)
Troop Budget Planning Worksheet
Troop Contact Log
Troop Financial Tracking Worksheet
Troop Financials - DCR and Annual Report
Troop Mentee Volunteer Position Description
Troop Mentor Volunteer Position Description
Troop Recruitment Ideas
Troop Register
Troop Treasurer Tutorial
Troop/Group Disbandment Financial Report and Treasurer Worksheet
Troop/Group Treasurer Position Description
Troop/Group Treasurer Self-Study Course
US Girl Scout Pen Pal Network
Volunteer Application (Aplicación Para Voluntarias/os)
Volunteer Conference & Celebration (VCC) Driving Directions
Volunteer Conference & Celebration (VCC) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Volunteer Conference & Celebration (VCC) Parking Voucher
Volunteer Conference & Celebration (VCC) Session Descriptions
Volunteer Essentials
Volunteer Essentials- Managing Group Finances Chapter 5
Volunteer Essentials-Safety-Wise Chapter 4
Volunteer Essentials-Travel Appendix
Volunteer Evaluation Form
Volunteer of Excellence Award
Volunteer Policies and Procedures
Volunteer Toolkit Cheat Sheet
What Girl Scout Activity Insurance Do I Need?
Wilderness Hiking Course Training Handbook
Winacka-Whispering Oaks Program Center Direction Map
Winacka-Whispering Oaks Trail Map
Your Guide to Going Gold